How To Open A Medical Marijuana Dispensary In Maine

The most comprehensive & up-to-date guide written by medical marijuana lawyers.


3 Easy Steps


1. Read the quick and detailed guide.
The guide is written specifically for Maine and shows you what to do on both the state and city levels in quick and simple terms.

2. Fill out the ready-made documents.
Follow a few straightforward steps, usually not more than filling in your name. Our guide walks you through step-by-step. Most people finish in under an hour.

3. Submit the paperwork.
Just follow the simple submission instructions to make your documents legal so you can start operating your business.


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The Open A Dispensary Standard Package Includes:

  • Quick & Easy step by step instructions for how to file our ready-made documents to be legally compliant – Business Plan, Incorporation, Bylaws, Employee & Patient Applications, Licenses, Taxes, Permits, Zoning, etc.

  • Quick & Easy step by step instructions for running your business – costs, how to find a location, buying & selling product, hiring employees, customer check-in procedures, payment processing, insurance, accounting, security, etc.

The only package written with original content that’s straight to the point without giving you useless information to fill up pages. This is the only package that gives you details for doing everything from start to finish. Other products claim to tell you how to do this, except they leave out the most important parts – exactly what to do down to the smallest steps. Do the other products tell you how to fill out question 3 of your permit application? No. Do they tell you how to fill out question 6 on your incorporation paperwork? No. – WE DO. – That’s the kind of detail our package offers. Nothing is left to chance. Each package takes over 40 hours to put together.

No-Risk 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Our package is trial-tested and has been accepted by courts and government agencies in all legal states.

Our Package – Incorporation, Licensing and Permitting samples

The pages you are viewing aren’t all the pages for each of the processes. We can’t fit each section into a single picture.

Our Competition – Incorporation, Licensing and Permitting samples

See below? 1 page for each of section, no specifics. “Contact this agency and figure it out on your own.” is how they instruct you to do the various steps. We’re embarrassed to be lumped together with them.

After being scammed by the other “How To” products out there, I was very skeptical. But you clearly spent the time to create an informative, professional and useful package. Worth every single penny.

N. Michaels – Dispensary Owner

The steps made the whole process so simple that a child could do it. The ready-made documents were amazing too. I had my business plan in 5 minutes! Kudos to you guys for writing this for average people like me. Thanks so much!

B. Slough – Dispensary Owner

I’ve searched extensively online and never found all the information I needed to start my dispensary. I came so close to hiring a lawyer just before I found your book. You saved me thousands! Thank You!

D. Plumley – Dispensary Owner